Robi & Peach Data Privacy Statement

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, we would like to secure your consent on the general use and sharing of information obtained from you in the course of your transactions with Robi & Peach or (1) related third parties. These data, which may include your  (2) personal information may be collected, processed, stored, updated or disclosed by Robi & Peach for legitimate purposes to implement transactions which you request, allow or authorized which may include but not limited to purchase orders or refund; to offer and provide new or related products and services; to provide information to couriers for delivery of goods; and use of information for incentives and rewards. 

Your consent allows us to process, collect, use, store and disclose information to Robi & Peach Officers and Staff,  and to related third parties while complying with our internal privacy policy and applicable laws. 

Your information may be collected, stored, processed and/or shared within 5 years, from the end of your transactions with Robi & Peach. 

Your consent will allow Robi & Peach to process your current and future transactions more efficiently. It will allow the firm to provide you with incentives and loyalty program.

Should you also wish to access, update, or correct certain personal information, or withdraw consent to the use of any of your information, you may communicate with Robi & Peach Data data protection officer at   Likewise, you may file complaints with, and/or seek assistance from the National Privacy Commission.

(1) Related third parties: Those who process information, transactions, services or accounts on behalf of Robi & Peach. (including but not limited to courier agencies, payment agencies, banks,  information technology companies and other similar entities providing support). Those who requires the information for marketing research, product, audit and marketing or advertising activities undertaken by Robi & Peach. 

 (2) Personal information:and other information classified as “personal data,” “personal information,” or “sensitive personal information” under the Data Privacy Act, and those of your authorized representatives, as well as accounts, transactions, and communications.